“The word Mandala is derived from the root Manda, which means essence, energy or spirit, and by adding the suffix la to any Sanskrit word, it becomes the container or vessel for it; thus revealing the Mandala as a container for essence, energy or spirit.”
/June-Elleni Laine/


Making a mandala incorporates both symmetry and flow, and structure with flexibility. As we play and explore through art, within the safety of the circle, the process calls on our ability to be resilient and accept the unexpected.
The process also engages both hemispheres of the brain, restoring a sense of mental and emotional balance. With both hemispheres engaged, our ability to cope with anxiety and regan a sense of control increases. We feel more grounded and discover the space to heal from loss. (Kate Tedeschi, founder and clinical director of Sage House Counseling & Art Therapy)

For me mandala painting is a mental healing, a self-searching and developing process. I never decide what to paint. I just go with the flow. If I decided the theme or certain motifs, the end result would never be what I have expected.

When I put the first center-dot, it is like a button to another dimension of wholeness. Then I just follow my hand. I do not think of problems, fears or the negative side of the world. If I did, I would make a mistake in the painting. So I am 100% in the "now" moment. A few minutes later, my breathe is getting deeper and slower. My whole being turns into happiness. The most saddest thing is when I finish an artwork. That means the end of an inner travel... but my next thought is: okay, where is a new canvas? Where is a new opportunity to grow?

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