30 cm ⌀ Christmas mandala, acrylic on stretched canvas.

This mandala is meant to guard the inner fire, passion and love. It promotes eternal optimism, the ability to want to live. Selflessness and compassion for our loved ones. Dedication and persistence towards our goals.

The healing effect of red color:

  • radiates vitality
  • it is a good detoxifier, it cleans the negative attitude from our mind and body
  • can relax muscles and joints
  • for those who catch cold easily, this color can be very effective
  • able to provide us with the extra boost that helps us achieve our goals

The healing effect of the color gold:

  • It is a symbol of sunlight, divine power, enlightenment, immortality, glory
  • It symbolizes all the sun gods, the gods of sowing and harvesting, and the harvest
  • In Christianity, icon painting and Western painting of the Romanian era, the golden background refers to the transcendent sphere, the heavenly kingdom, the golden glory, and the halo to the glorified saints
  • In esotericism, the color of the solar astral (color therapy)

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