30 cm ⌀ Christmas mandala, acrylic on stretched canvas.

This mandala opens human hearts. Actually, three mandalas are built on each other: they address the body, the spirit and the soul at the same time. Bright green heals and invites you to be close to nature. Gold gives elevation and evokes higher dimensions.

The healing effect of the color green:

  • radiates balance and harmony
  • has a calming effect
  • the color green is in the middle of the spectrum, and - perhaps because of this - harmony, a state of balance can be associated with it
  • in nature it is the color of life, therefore it gives a feeling of fullness, calms the blood and invigorates the nerves
  • its eye-soothing effect originates from the fact that the eye focuses the green light almost exactly on the retina
  • the color of balance, it helps both consciousness and emotions to rest, and is also beneficial for certain heart problems
  • stimulates the lymph glands (also effective on infant glands), enhances muscle and tissue growth, but prevents excessive cell growth, therefore particularly beneficial in cancer diseases
  • promotes the functioning of the blood and circulatory system
  • it reduces exhaustion and fatigue, sometimes eliminating them completely

The healing effect of the color gold:

  • It is a symbol of sunlight, divine power, enlightenment, immortality, glory
  • It symbolizes all the sun gods, the gods of sowing and harvesting, and the harvest
  • In Christianity, icon painting and Western painting of the Romanian era, the golden background refers to the transcendent sphere, the heavenly kingdom, the golden glory, and the halo to the glorified saints
  • In esotericism, the color of the solar astral (color therapy)

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