30 cm ⌀ Christmas mandala, acrylics on canvas cardboard.

This mandala is a real angel summoner. The white and gold wing shapes represent the dancing of angels. These high energy creatures are all around us, whether we feel it or not. They help us on our way, give us comfort and security. They promote the development of our personality in the right direction.

The healing effect of white color:

  • the color of equality, openness, originality, completeness and purity,
  • it is most beneficial in combination with other colors
  • If someone has difficulty opening up, is almost frozen, then it is worth using white color so that the other colors can be refreshed, thereby putting you in a better mood

The healing effect of the color gold:

  • protect against mental overload
  • increases self-esteem and improves self-esteem.
  • it symbolizes all the sun gods, the gods of sowing and harvesting, and the harvest
  • in the spiritual sphere, gold dissolves guilt
  • it fills depressed people with a will to live
  • In esotericism, the color of the solar astral (color therapy)

Gift: matching painted keychain

Video about the birth of the mandala: DANCE OF ANGELS

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