30 cm ⌀ Christmas mandala, acrylics on stretched canvas.

Admiration and respect. Keen, devoted attention. In a religious sense, immersion in prayer. This is devotion. The arrangement of bright purples, pinks and silver in regular shapes helps this elevation. It invites you to connect with the creatures of higher energies, the angels.

The healing effect of purple color:

  • the color of moderation
  • creates a balance between earth and sky (the color of the morning and evening sky), reason and desire, wisdom and emotion
  • it means intelligence, knowledge, religious devotion, holiness, humility, repentance, pain, nostalgia
  • anti-inflammatory, mentally calming, improves memory, helps with high blood pressure, insomnia, and inflammatory processes

Pink belongs to the group of reds. A woman wearing pink symbolizes feminine, sensual, kind, romantic, spiritual beauty, love and compassion.

The healing effect of silver:

  • while the metal of kings is gold, and that of queens is silver
  • in esotericism it is the color of the lunar astral
  • according to Egyptian myths, the bones of the sun god Re are made of silver
  • It was considered the most valuable metal in China; the Milky Way was called the "silver river". (color therapy)

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