About Me

Author of the book Fénymag (B-right Soul), nominated for the 2019 Margo Award, the dreamer and founder of the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP), kindergarten teacher, writer and artist.

I am a traveler on planet Earth. I am a woman, although I have yet to practice this role. I am a child, temperate on the outside, rebellious on the inside. I am a wife, decent, soaring, persistent, nothing special! I'm a mother, a role model for my two kids, so it does matter how I live. I'm like buttons: I hold things together. (I read this on a fridge magnet.) I sew and paint anyway. I try to accomplish everything that comes to my mind. According to my profession, I am a kindergarten teacher, cook and cultural manager. I'm Aries, the advanced version. I have developed a lot in my patience, resilience and tolerance since I was a teenager. I am a believer in lifelong learning. I seek Eternal Truth, Divine Order, and Myself in this interesting world. I am Hungarian, one of the traditional breed. Hungarian language and culture is the tip of my heart. I don't believe all my thoughts. On the other hand, I believe that if I live my own story and find my own voice, God will take care of me. I believe that Life is a gift. I was born on Earth to be happy and I will not give below! I'm a Bright Soul Girl, that's my mission!

Love, Kriszta



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