How can my existence make the world a better place?

This is the first question I ask myself every single morning, when I wake up. Then every day I try to get closer to the answer.

I am a kindergarden teacher and Art & Business manager. I have been painting since the birth of my second child. It was in 2016. However my grandfather was a hobby painter, I was little when he died. So I have been teaching myself how to paint.

I have tried a lot for techniques and themes: landscape, animals, pouring painting, petrykivka art. One day in 2021, one of my friends asked me to paint a chakra mandala collection to her. I have never done like that before, but I said yes to her. It turned to be quite good and that was a turning point for me. My whole life was changed... I became a mandala artist and I love it so much!

Mandala painting is like air for me: I can't live without it!


Golden Time Talent 2023

2nd place 

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